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Libec Swift Jib50 System


Libec Swift Jib50 System

  • The Swift Jib50 Kit Telescopic and Retractable Jib Arm, Tripod and Dolly from Libecincludes the Swift Jib50, the T102B tripod, and the DL-8B dolly. It's designed to be portable and easy to use. The jib has a telescopic jib arm that's extendable to 35.5", with easy length adjustments via lock levers

  • Telescopic arm extendable to 35.5"

    T102B Tripod and DL-8B Dolly are included, as well as a carrying case for each of the three kit components

    High dynamic angles possible; reversible for low-angle and ground-level shots

    No extra arms required

    Adjustable pan & tilt friction modes

    Retractable towards rear of jib

    Compatible with other 100mm tripods

    Smooth vertical and horizontal movements

    Easy length adjustments

    Weighs just 36 lb

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